Inspired action & abundance

True action happens naturally, easily, effortlessly

We all know we live on a biological environment which naturally involves movement. That is true! Action is part of live and this action includes all types of creative abilities, therefore, action is a requirement within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies in order to live according to the natural laws of the universe and specifically of our solar system.

However, action for the sake of action is not creation. Action just because that is what we are supposed to do creates nothing and nothing is a waste of energy because we are focusing negatively on whatever we want to do, so we are doing nothing…

When we think about abundance and prosperity in all ways and we think we must take action, we must first of all consider if our thoughts, feelings and desires are according to creation of reality. Understand that no matter how hard you move and how many actions you take, they will not succeed unless you were able, before taking action, to vibrate at the level of what you want.

And… what is vibrating at the level of what you want? it is believing. Believing you are worthy, you have the right to have your creation, believe you are supported by the universe, believe you are not alone, believe you are a fundamental part of all that is. Believing you can do IT. If you can do everything wrong, you surely can do it the other way around, trust me!

That vibration also includes desiring, desiring from your heart. That desire which comes from your truth. That desire born from your highest self which knows really what and who you are. That desire that abides in the divine essence and which you know is according to your personal and collective mission. What is that you want? dialogue with yourself, ask questions to yourself… you know it all.

When you truly, truly align, have no doubts, trust, and feel all that swirling around your all body, energizing you, giving you the will to go, to move, to take action, that action that moves with ease, that action which comes from ideas, those ideas that come fast… God knows how… and then… when miracles come… just like a phone call you didnt expect, although you were full of expectations… just like someone that drops by or you meet suddenly out of no where… just like a sign anywhere… just like any kind of opportunity around the corner… OMG… when you truly align, you are one with the universe!!! you blink one eye to the universe as saying: thanks love, i see you there looking at me, i feel our connection, i know we are working together perfectly… and the universe smiles and blinks back!

Inspired action is when you become truly yourself. at that moment you intuitively know the best for you, you know truly your desires, how to vibrate, you know what doors to close so others may open, you trust yourself and you know what game you are playing! yes the game of your vibrations, your wishes, your boundaries, your moments, your YES, your NO, your loves, pleasures… you will know everything because you connect with your highest version and that makes you a master, the God of your own life.

“You have sole ownership of your vision. And the Universe will give you what you want within your vision.

What happens with most people is that they muddy their vision with “reality”. Their vision becomes full of not only what they want but what everybody else thinks about what they want, too.

Your work is to clarify and purify your vision so that the vibration that you are offering can then be answered.”

Abraham Hicks


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