Mandalas Message #5

Multidimensional Mandalas Message

April – Balance

Balancing female and male energies

Is going inside that you find the balance. Balance comes from connecting to your inner self. When you go there, to that level of subtlety you can center and integrate everything you are, all parts of you, all polarities, all your energies.

At that moment you can connect with your higher self and have the help you need to evolve and prosper. The only thing you must be aware of is: connecting with your polarities has the single goal of balance, do not let yourself be obsessed with one or the other. Always find the balance.

Why? because balance allows you to understand yourself and others, allows you to be compassionate and accept everything as part of life. Foling in love with only one aspect of your energy would keep you away from your higher truths.

Is important to discern very clearly the high vibration energies from the ones you accept without having awareness of it. To do so, you must be completely open to what we might find inside, no judgement, no criticism, no expectations. Be open to know yourself fully, completely.

“No one can figure out your worth but you”

Pearl Bailey


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