Parcial Solar Eclipse and New Moon

Balance, creativity and initiative A solar eclipse is more strong than a regular new moon because the moon darkens the sun. What are the main aspects we can expect from this parcial solar eclipse? It gives an uplifting explosion of energy.It can be seen by balancing all parts of yourself, specially the emotional aspect of … Continue reading Parcial Solar Eclipse and New Moon

Something to think about #17

Every moment we live is an unique moment in the universe! If we live it with deep love and pure joy, we are living fully. We are the fluid ink that writes and rewrites life in a new constant, vibrant and brilliant creation. Life reborns made of love!

Building strength

Before checking energies out of yourself, understand what is going on inside As we rise our frequency we know we have to be aware of what we want to resonate with, what kind of energies we want to be surrounded by and therefore to have super antennas checking everything around us, whether are living beings … Continue reading Building strength

Celtic Willow Moon

The Lunar Divisions are also called the Celtic Tree Months From April 15 to May 12 it`s time for the Celtic Willow Moon related to healing, confidence and growth The Willow moon was also called Saille (pronounced Sahl-yeh). This phase is related with water and the more it rains the more this Moon grows. Planting … Continue reading Celtic Willow Moon

Full Moon in Libra 2022

Full Moon in Libra April 2022 Challenges, Intensity and freedom This full moon blasts us with the strong energy of challenges! It works within our tendency to crash things, opinions, situations... in summary: it works with our destructive inner power! We all have it. What do we feel we want to destroy? Ourselves? Others? What … Continue reading Full Moon in Libra 2022

something to think about #12

For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. Have a great weekend all !!! "There are times when our whole world seems to be falling apart around us, and we are not sure what to hold onto anymore. Sometimes our relationships crumble and sometimes it’s our physical environment. … Continue reading something to think about #12

something to think about #11

Say it three times in a row, I´s a magic number plus a magic sentence, what can you lose? "Those who make compassion an essential part of their lives find the joy of life. Kindness deepens the spirit and produces rewards that cannot be completely explained in words. It is an experience more powerful than … Continue reading something to think about #11

Sacred Geometry: The SEED of Life

WITHIN THE EGG OF LIFE, THE FLOWER OF LIFE AND THE FRUIT OF LIFE, THERE IS THE SEED The Seed Of Life is found on the Sacred pattern of the Flower of Life. The Seed of Life is where the codes to Sacred Consciousness live. The symbol of the Seed of Life is made by … Continue reading Sacred Geometry: The SEED of Life

something to think about #10

Without knowing, all the people i been helping, are healed mainly through change of thought and believe system. Therapies are instruments which bring, most of all, clarity, focus and faith. "We are human.We are not perfect.We are alive.We try things.We make mistakes.We stumble.We fall.We get hurt.We rise again.We try again.We keep learning.We keep growing.And we … Continue reading something to think about #10

Sacred geometry – the pattern of life

the divine drawing Sacred geometry is the divine pattern in all life forms. It´s both logical and intuitive language. It´s very basic, however for us, humans, it seams to be a very complex description of creation and movment. Sacred geometry is our ancestor truth and its formula is both an intelligent and loving language; The … Continue reading Sacred geometry – the pattern of life

Something to think about #8

I feel it and enjoy it very much. Sometimes when I feel discouraged I see the Matrix and regain the energy of the mission on this wonderful planet quickly What about you? "There are times when our whole world seems to be falling apart around us, and we are not sure what to hold onto … Continue reading Something to think about #8