Full Moon in Libra 2022

Full Moon in Libra April 2022

Challenges, Intensity and freedom

This full moon blasts us with the strong energy of challenges! It works within our tendency to crash things, opinions, situations… in summary: it works with our destructive inner power! We all have it. What do we feel we want to destroy? Ourselves? Others? What situations?

It usually doesn´t aim to destroy our bad habits or mood. That´s why we must address this phase carefully and use it wisely. Why? Because it´s a good chance to clean and clear rage and anger. It´s a good chance to delete bad habits, bad emotions and bad reactions.

What do you react at? Analyze it carefully. But, no, don´t analyze it outside of yourself, go and see what is inside that gets angry, upset and generate an energy of bad reaction. Because only inside you can see the truth and operate change.

A lot of good energy during this phase can help you clear obsessive patterns and compulsive behaviors. Your relationships can improve as you understand yourself heal.

So, this full moon can be considered to be not so good energetically but at the same time is really positive because it´s goal is to help us grow instead of taking us to a victimization posture.

During the next two weeks you can understand, heal, restore, transmute, nurture, meditate, contemplate nature, clean inside and outside (declutter), laugh, rest, letting go of what you don´t need anymore (both inside and out), walk, listen to music, love yourself and others… there´s a lot to do in your life, don´t forget it dear one, ok? You are not alone and you are surely loved!



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