Building strength

Before checking energies out of yourself, understand what is going on inside

As we rise our frequency we know we have to be aware of what we want to resonate with, what kind of energies we want to be surrounded by and therefore to have super antennas checking everything around us, whether are living beings or objects, the air it self and all which our physical and subtle senses reach.

~ Are you daily checking your internal frequency? Is it still vibrating at our newest highest? or did it go down due to worries and thoughts? are you really, suddenly faced on a lowest environment or did you attract it with your own emotions.

Understand that as you ascend into subtle spheres you have to pay close attention to yourself. Sensitivity, feelings, emotions, mental accuracy and fastness… all those are part of your new self and at each step you need to readjust your inner antennas and check all your parts better and better.

~ Are you aware your frequency gets incompatible with some others as it rises? Its no one fault. the cause is within you.

I give you an example: A man Is considered to be strong in all ways is in the ascension process for years and notices that, sometimes, hes attacked energetically. not often but happens. and each time it happens, it gets worst. After studying and inquiring the conclusion is in fact simple: the attacks are not worst, in fact, they aren`t even attacks. Just outside energies trying to penetrate the auric field due to curiosity without any evil intention. So why does it feel so terrible? The last time this man thought he was dying. No one, no energy was really attacking, just the simple act of touching and entering his auric field was terrible and the unbalance effects took him to desperation. He can no longer bare it. His energies get so sick by it, he really feels hes having an heart attack.

Sometimes there`s nothing really bad happening, just an incompatibility of energies due to the vibration difference. Looking for outside sources isn`t the solution, the solution is to find an internal equilibrium which generates a safe energy field.

You really need to take care of yourself more!

~ Spend time grounding, centering and connecting to yourself.

~ Eat well and drink good water.

~ Meditate even if you only do it a few minutes.

~ Connect with high energies, whether you do it by focusing on your higher self, the source, a guide, a master, an angel..

~ make sure you burn some incense at home, some candles, some oil fragrance.

~ put some nice, happy music. even for just a bit. don´t always listen to it using your headphones because your home is your temple. It needs to rise the energies often. Its all about love, nurturing your sacred space.

~ Contact with nature as much as you can.

~ If you can, practice a bit of sport. Something you enjoy. it can be Yoga or any other that makes you feel refreshed.

~ Bring earth energies to your home. rocks, crystals, plants. don^t forget to touch them and talk to them, specially plants. if you like use some flowers often as well.

~ Male or female, take care of your body. Love yourself.

~ Its ok to have sad moments. That^s part of life. What isn^t good is to stay there and not use it to get happier. So… investigate yourself, look for the problem and make strong INTENTIONS to solve it, from inside out!

~ Make plans, dream, let your best ideas transform your moments and rise your vibration.

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