Parcial Solar Eclipse and New Moon

Balance, creativity and initiative

A solar eclipse is more strong than a regular new moon because the moon darkens the sun.

What are the main aspects we can expect from this parcial solar eclipse? It gives an uplifting explosion of energy.It can be seen by balancing all parts of yourself, specially the emotional aspect of you. After the harsh full moon we had, this energy is very good to stabilize life and feelings. Everything is possible with this energy, so finding balance is probably the best thing to look for at this phase.

It also brings creativity and iniciative. Its great to start new things and make plans. If to make new projects you feel you need to end something, just take the opportunity at this phase, using this energy to clean your life and change habits and mind patterns. You will see creativity will show up and ideas knock at your door.

The energy of this solar eclipse stays with us until the solae clipse happening in october. However the next two weeks are super energizing and positive to beggin projects and make changes from within. What are your passions? What can you change? What situations can you mofidy in orden to move to the next level? Think about it.

soon after this solar eclipse we have Venus and Jupiter aligning, giving us a beautiful energy of love. Other astrological events amplify good luck and accomplishment of desires. Lets do our inner work, connect with joy, faith and trust. Lets progress!

“it is the feeling you get when you completely let go and allow yourself to belong to yourself for the first time.

When you look in the mirror and it is just you. Your eyes, finally just your eyes. Not the eyes which held them.

Your skin, finally just your skin, their fingerprints nowhere to be found. You are the you before they came. The you that does not have grief resting in their belly and mourning rotting on their tongue.

You are stripped clean of everything that could not carry the way your heart demanded you to be carried. It is all you. Welcome back. You have been gone for such a while. It is all you. It has always just been all you.”

Rupi Kaur

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