Mandalas Message #6

Multidimensional Mandalas Message

May – uniqueness

Let your uniqueness shine!

To show your uniqueness you must connect with a subtle you so your originality comes to the surface. You are unique, you always were, but you tend to forget it as you perform your thousand daily tasks.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves how wonderful and unique we are. Sometimes this is the only way to shine our light. The universe knows you too well and is waiting to see your creativity.

You are a powerful being bearing the magnetic force of the cosmos. Pay attention to your creative mind which is connected with your higher intuition. If you get conscious of who you truly are, your abilities will come forward.

It is also important to be conscious about the outside people and circumstances which might pollute yourself, preventing you from manifesting your true self through arts, creative ideas and projects. You surely want to be driven by joy, love and motivation in everything you do in your life.

Have a great month!

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