Scorpio full moon lunar eclipse

This is not a very happy energy for a lot of you. More than ever we need to be centered, focused and well connected to our self in order to go through these energies. They are not bad, just have the potential to bring suffering into the surface, to the conscious self.

We also have energies of courage affecting these phase which means we have help and we can connect with our truth and deal with challenges with acceptance and responsibility.

This is all about an initiation process through which we connect with our positiveness and can create the changes needed. We do that BY facing your fears with patience, determination, and emotional maturity.

Remember this is a year of tremendous transformation. The better you understand yourself the better you move on to a new level of existence. Believe me, i know it. I also know how hard it can be. But do it, go in, do the cleansing, the love within and transform your life.

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