Celtic Hawthorn Moon

The Lunar Divisions are also called the Celtic Tree Months

From May 13 to June 9 it`s time for the Celtic Hawthorn Moon related to masculine energy and fertility

I`m sure you all know Hawthorn. It`s an robust plant with arboreal or shrub size, with beautiful flowers. It grows wild in some parts of the globe.

This Celtic phase follows Beltane and is all about masculine energy and the element of fire. This is perfect do conceive a child. Spring is culminating and as nature spreads and blossoms, so does human energy.

Hawthorn tea is very good to heart and blood problems and also to anxiety. So it is interesting how this plant giving the name to this Celtic Moon has this masculine health effects on our heart and emotions.

As nature magic is concerned, the realm related to this phase is the one of Faeries. So if you want to see them and connect with them, this is the moment! Be gentle, pacient and loving. Faeries are pretty much attracted to this month energy.

Following this theme of masculinity, this month is very good to everything related to businesses, jobs, meatings, plans, decisions.

How about going to nature looking for this amazing plant, connecting with nature energies and the ones from above? and just maybe, maybe you see a faerie…

“No matter what is going on in your life today, remember, it is only preparation. People come and go; situations rise and fall; it’s all preparation for better things. You must stretch, reach, grow into your goodness. Without the preparation we receive through adversity, disappointment, confusion, or pain, we could not appreciate the goodness when it arrives.”

Iyanla Vanzant


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