Full Moon – troubleshooting

Full Moon June 2022

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is all about solving yourself out

Most of us is having issues due to the late energies. This is natural because this is an important year, through which we find our way while growing a lot, really a lot! It´s not easy to find ourselves anew all the time and change our lives, or not change our lives, all the time!
So, we have crises and crisis! The secret is to find a way of not losing our ground as we adapt and grow. And that secret is not easy… it´s simple but not easy.
This Full Moon energies are telling us to look at the opportunities of more growth in all areas of life by using the balance of our mind. How do we do it? understanding our monkey mind will find ways to trouble us, understanding there is always a higher version of us that can find ways of being in charge every day and help us overcoming every situation.
The Full Moon is always a compass to understand what`s not well with our relationships, whats not well within ourselves; it`s very important to understand where is the problem: if it`s about us, or others. Because blaming outside beings is not a solution, we must own our responsibilities so we can heal and move further with our lives.

This Sagittarius Full Moon is helping us with all of it! so go for it, you can deal with everything, solve everything, energies are here to help you. Use this to propel yourself further!
So, as everything is stronger at a Full Month, pay attention to what makes your emotions go higher and be aware that you can quiet your mind and your heart. Chose your higher version each day and trust you can change patterns by balancing yourself and deal with everything, solve everything and operate miracles.

If only you knew and brave and powerful you are!… You can really empower yourself, trust and be that!


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