Celtic Oak Moon

The Lunar Divisions are also called the Celtic Tree Months

From Jun 10 to July 7 it`s time for the Celtic Oak Moon related to power and sacredness

This is a month of good fortune! It`s also a period of magic as the Oak is an ancient connector to sorcery. Now you can take some decisions related to money, jobs and business in general. It`s a very positive time.

From the roots to the crown, the Oak is strong, powerful, secure and stable. Druids called this phase Duir and some think this word means Door. It is a door for the future, to connect you with good health and abundance.

Connect with these energies, for example, through meditation, spending time in nature looking for this amazing tree. Bring home some Oak leaves and ponder on this subject. You see, trees are indeed magical beings, strong, loving and always bring energetic messages from their realm. What is this phase has to offer you? what more can you do for yourself and others? What joy can you collect from nature and the good friend Oak?

Repeat after me: “Today whatever i do, whatever i say, i will contribute to my joyful life and to a better world!”


Our souls are dancers to God; born to dance to God they must enjoy beauty in its perfection. When we forget that dance in our absorption in earthly joys we neglect the duties for which we are created. Every soul is purposed to dance.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

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