Solstice – June 2022

Joy, movement and vitality

The summer solstice is when the sun reaches its peak. And that is what is supposed to happen to us: the light we have been accumulating on our body is at its peak, so we can enjoy life for a few months, just like they used to do in the past. It´s a time to enjoy what we seeded.

For the Celtics the Oak tree is the representative of this phase. And if you contemplate that tree you will understand what this means. It provides you shade and it´s very majestic. It´s like Spirit is looking after you, protecting you. We have to remember, people used to be in nature all the time, especially at this time of the year.

So, let´s remember and embody our true nature, which is being nature, being with nature, instead of closing ourselves inside big cold doors.

Our light is glowing bright, our hearts use that light to communicate and share moments with others. And we can surely do it because this phase gives us a lot of vitality, transformation to regenerate ourselves, joy and optimism and also focus and creativity.

Be the summer self you really are, do what you wanted to do when you were comfortable at your winter season dreaming with a hot weather. Share your light with others, enjoy nature.

When people ask me what happens where i live as we are at winter solstice? Well, dream about the summer, plan it, build it daily. That´s what the ancients used to do. Seed and harvest your work, so you can enjoy it in six months.

Without a plan, a goal is just a dream

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