Mandalas Message #8

Multidimensional Mandalas Message

July – Happy shares

Happiness through connections and friends

When you spend time with your friends, you feel happy and all your worries diminish because your friends are pillars of light for your heart.

That vibe when you are all together is very important and should be more valued. You raise the vibration of one another.

The same happens with team work. When everyone connects to the right vibe, things flow easily because you all have the same goal and you were all able to connect to that unity vibe.

Every time this message appears it wants to talk about the things we do not do, the moments we decide to be alone and not sharing ourselves with others, the times we run from team effort just because we want to run from troubles and different ideas.

It also talks about ending cycles of life, stop being afraid of changes, stop being alone, stop dreaming that much and go for a better life. You probably have so many things to do yet. You have been dreaming about plans and projects that you never find the courage to bring into your reality. If you can´t do it one way, do it another way! there´s always a lot of sides to the same thing.

When we are able to truly show our love, compassion and tolerance with the world, is when we free ourselves from our own burdens and let joy, peace, happiness and satisfaction enter space.

Only when we see

our uniqueness as a virtue

can we have peace

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