Autumn equinox- Keep going

We are ever evolving

Connect with the energy of progression.

Fall Equinox opens the gateway of your heart for the upcoming creations of your reality. Its filed with strong, blessed energies that provide you with the whole set of energetic divine vibrations to make you enter on this new season full of prosperity and joy.

The secret lies inside your heart. Just on your heart center! Go there and know that in trusting yourself; trusting that you can perceive whatever you foresee, you open your mystic gate of divine energies.

The para energies might have caused some distress, anxiety and pain, but if it did is just because there are things inside of you that still need to be transmuted and transformed. It means you really must rise above the things you feel still hurt you so you can heal and keep walking your path. And those events came before the Equinox just to allow you to heal and prepare your energy to the next phase.

The shift doesn`t stop and as you open to what the universe asks from you, understanding that what might seam rough is just a reflection of what must be dealt with in order to be lighter, to walk lighter… when you trust that… when you trust the universe, you are in fact trusting yourself because in truth, the universe which appears in front of you is just your past creation coming to life, to reality, just a reflection of negativity still remaining. And, when you also truly believe that everything is nothing but a dream we are all being part of, there, at that moment… things stop having the same importance and can easily be transmuted; What makes us really hurt is the increased and exponential rise of the perceptions, which are given to us by our mind and have the goal of not letting us rise above the third world “reality”. Our mind will do everything to keep us in this earthly reality because our mind was suppressed, repressed and chain for to long! As we stop rumbling on our mind`s traps, things get easy. Its just a matter of training!

So… to achieve this Equinox energies, just let go… let go of what doesn`t really matter and know that what really matters is what creative energies are inside your heart. Listen to them, open to them and be the creator. Receive the blessing of this gateway of magic, relax, contemplate, smell the breeze, feel the wind, look at the sunset and focus on the stars… remember, what matters are the creative impulses, those are the feelings we must connect with at this moment in time and at all moments. Be that openness and live in peace.

Vou are not alone!


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