Mandalas message #9

Multidimensional Mandalas Message

October – seek to be versatile

Center, think, change

To be versatile, one must first break free from one’s prison. Getting free from old patterns, cultural rules, and self-chains. It is freedom that allows us to dive into our own dream world and conquer new possibilities.

So, be bold and go inside to change your inner comfortable state of great disappointment and boredom. If you change, you can awaken inside of yourself plenty of strength and courage. And you can always stay stable and firm.

This energy is plural, habits in the world of a special polarity. It’s both rebel and stable, loving peace and adventure. This is a warning so you understand this month will have big energies pulling you both ways. Just practice peace and centering inside. Think before speaking and ponder a lot before making decisions.

I love the energy of this Mandala. It’s a sweet challenge because it pushes us to go further, to seek more and more, while also teaching us the magic of each moment and showing us that we already have it all. I’m already feeling these energies and this polarity. It’s amazing!!!

Meditation and yoga, as well as contemplation and time in nature, are the best options to help us center and focus. If you feel irritation and feel upset, you surely must relax and talk to yourself, explaining that everything is OK. You have no reason to overflow and give too much energy to certain things. I already had that talk with myself this month and it just started. 🙂

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