Virgo full moon – March 2023

This full moon is all about an emotional renewal

Wonderful energy of love. It asks you to go deep and feel positively so you can transform yourself and also your relationships. Summary: Ultimately is all about enotional cleansing!

It´s also a good energy to help you organize yourself towards issue solving. Use this powerful energy!

How are you feeling about the relationships of your life? …Is it right? Don`t you want to stop for a bit and confront yourself with the truth, instead of confronting others? if in a few days you still feel the same, ok… do something about it! and, how are you feeling about the relationship with all parts of yourself? can you go inside deeply? or are you trying to convince you of something else than the plain truth? you see… positiveness is not about laughing all the time, is about wanting to go through, to grow, to solve things. Its a disposition to move forward.

Positiveness and truth bring clarity and clarity is what can help you. Because no one can live your life for you. Your life belongs only to yourself, don`t avoid yourself because you are the only one who has to deal with future consequences of your present decisions, others don`t give a damn.

The goal is to change negativity such as destructive thoughts and behaviors into kindness, compassion and productive actions.

The influence of this full moon is such, some new encounters will turn into deep relationships.

However, your life and encounters are, the truth is this energy will intensify your feelings and intimacy and it will affect all your close relationships because you are connecting yourself a lot more with intuition.

But… maybe for some of you, the strongest aspect of this full moon is the sexual energy, as this phase will enhance this passionate aspect of life. May this driven energy transform lovers and improve their romance.

“Presence is not some exotic state that we need to search for or manufacture. In the simplest terms, it is the felt sense of wakefulness, openness, and tenderness that arises when we are fully here and now with our experience. You’ve surely tasted presence, even if you didn’t call it that. Perhaps you’ve felt it lying awake in bed and listening to crickets on a hot summer night. You may have sensed presence when walking alone in the woods. You might have arrived in full presence as you witnessed someone dying or someone being born.
Presence is the awareness that is intrinsic to our nature. It is immediate and embodied, perceived through our senses.”
Tara Brach


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