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Samhain Celtic new year Meditation

Abundance ritual

A 9 day ritual for energy abundance during Fall and Winter

Aries Full Moon, October 2021

Audio Message

Aries Full Moon

You do not need to be in control of everything

Oracle of the week #15

Oracle of the week 10.11 to 10.17

Oracle of the week #14

Oracle of the week 10.4 to 10.10

Happy Pisces Full Moon

Good Vibes, Good Luck!

Q&A #11

Finding center exercise

Oracle of the week #13

Oracle of the week 8.23 to 8.29

Aquarius Full Moon

Personal growth

Friday the thirteen ancient energy

The Divine sacred Keys

Oracle of the week #12

What our Guides say: “Live in the present”

Lion`s Gate and Moon energies


Energy exercise

July meditation


Sacred Geometry ~ Symbol polarity

Q & A #10

Blood pressure & chakra colours

Mandala Message #2

July – uniqueness

Q & A #9

Do we eat sun?

Oracle of the week #9

What our Guides say: “Time to be still”

The harsh path of enlightenment

Q & A #8

Capricorn Full Moon

Summer & Winter Solstice 2021

Oracle of the week #8

What our Guides say: “It doesn`t matter”

Q & A #7

Unconditional love

Life #16


Q & A #6

Does karma exist? What is it?

Q & A #5

What`s our mission & what is spirituality

Q&A #4

Star of the earth chakra & Three fold flame

Q&A #3

Make friends with your mind

Q & A #2

Taking decisions fast

Q & A #1

Strong energies!

Managing yourself with these disturbing energies

The 4 basics for health

Relax & Energy Meditation

If you are feeling tired, angry, stressful… just do this simple meditation. Let go of everything, heal and energise yourself.

Spring Equinox

Healing Meditation

Do this meditation if you have any health issue, feel tired or just want to improve your physical energy! enjoy!

Full Moon in Virgo

MEDITATION- This Virgo Full Moon is about changes, both easy and difficult. The good aspect of this Full Moon energy is the freedom of hard responsibilities which do not belong to you anymore.

January Wolf Full Moon

This Wolf Moon on Leo is the first full moon of the year. This Meditation is an energy exercise to use this wonderful energies and make our year better.

Pure Meditation

Meditation is the connection with consciousness. We are always conscious of everything but usually we are not conscious of that. What is being conscious of everything? Consciousness exists even if you are not aware of it. Therefor you exist as a conscious being. we are conscious even when we are distracted by other things. Even being distracted is being conscious. Consciousness is ever present.

Connect with the NOW

Connect daily with you, your body and the now moment.

“Just do” exercise

We usually try doing things, specially the ones we do not believe we can really do it. This small exercise helps you be aware that you can really decide to do, instead of just trying.

2021 Meditation

A meditation with the rainbow energies to prepare, heal and energize us so this year of 2021 can be a beam of projects, full of peace, love and abundance.

Throat Chakra Meditation

Throat Chakra meditation – healing couples is designed to help men and women solving ancient issues and start a happy communication.

Full Moon in Cancer Meditation

Full Moon in Cancer Meditation. Good time for: Inner work, intuition, self-care Challenges: emotional, hypersensitive and creative.

Healing others

Should we send energy healing to others? how? During these times of trouble in the world, we love to help others. What is the best way to do it? I explain how to do it safely to you and the ones receiving your light.

New Moon & Solar Eclipse Meditation

December 2020 the New Moon and Solar eclipse bring us the opportunity to clear negative emotions so we can perceive new begginings. The New Moon opens the door to a new cycle and the Solar Eclipse helps doing that inner work. This New Moon in Sagittarius calls upon your fire within to transmute energies, events and emotion.

12.12 Meditation

12.12 gateway meditation. This portal of divine energies allow us to receive energy to propel the world to another level od consciousness

Polarity Meditation

To work our polarities and harmonize all parts within. This meditation can be used when ever you feel you need to make peace inside, clear doubts, get clear mind and heart to make decisions.

11.11 meditation for abundance

The 11.11 portal for divine abundance. Let’s connect with sacred love and light straight from source through this amazing star gate.

Fall equinox meditation 2017

As we prepare to winter, the fall equinox is a magic moment. Entering this nature portal allow us to connect to our planet and divine energies so abundante at this time of the year.

9.9 portal meditation

9.9 portal remote meditation of earth consciousness to empower your mission on Earth and shift your energy for the next year.

Solar Eclipse meditation 2017

8.21.2017 Total Solar Eclipse. The birth of a new self, a new world, a new reality. Synchronized world wide guided meditation.

Lions Gate Meditation 2017

8.8.2017 is the Lion`s Gate energy portal. Divine energies are heavily coming to Earth to heal and raise the frequency of humanity and the planet.

Lets talk about DIMENSIONS

Understanding dimensions from a scientific point of view helps our awareness towards the spiritual aproach.

The simple way to activate your pineal gland

Understanding this small gland which is part of our brain is contributes immensely to our spiritual growth.


This a wonderful healing meditation/energy exercise for all problems and to energize you daily.


Through this energy exercise we can understand better others and also help them healing.