Meditation for self resurrection

Meditating on source/Christ energy within our hearts so we acknowledge and free to be one with that sacred flame. We are the I AM in it's most pure, divine form. We are our own resurrection and the constant recreation of self which brings us closer and closer to our divine purpose through this daily path … Continue reading Meditation for self resurrection

The Expansion & Positiveness of the Sagittarius New Moon

The Expansion & Positiveness of the Sagittarius New Moon Nothing better than a New Moon at the end of this month! because we can plant nice seeds at this Moon and travel through out December collecting the fruits and also making sure what we do is always to grow what we have planted even that … Continue reading The Expansion & Positiveness of the Sagittarius New Moon

The super Full Moon on Taurus!

The super Full Moon on Taurus! This Super Full Moon has a tremendous power: connect to it and activate yourself with positive, aware, super light, becoming more awakened within so you see the future in front of you and know how to persevere on your dreams and goals. It comes with ease and calming energies … Continue reading The super Full Moon on Taurus!

14th of November Full Moon in Taurus

14th of November Full Moon in Taurus ESTRELLA DEL ALMA or INTEGRITY of the WHOLENESS MEDITATION in co-creation with KRYON by Sandris Sneibe Greetings dear ones! I AM Kryon from Magnetic service. When my partner steps aside... Very often I have been repeat this phrase trough my partners and in this situation as well I … Continue reading 14th of November Full Moon in Taurus

Ascendendo na Terra

Ascendendo  na Terra Quando sentes que deves dar tudo o que tens para obter algo que desejas... Entende que levar-te até ao limite não implica que te esvazies energéticamente levando-te à exaustão. Significa somente que deverás focalizar-te mental e emocionalmente para as possibilidades infinitas que o universo oferece! Quando te abres para o poder infinito … Continue reading Ascendendo na Terra

Ascending on earth

Ascending on earth When you feel you have to give everything you got to something you want... be aware that pushing yourself to the limit is not supposed to drain you or exhaust you. Its simply to set your mind and heart onto unlimited possibilities! When you open to the infinite power within yourself and … Continue reading Ascending on earth