Scorpio New Moon

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on Scorpio New Moon, November 2021 The Scorpio New Moon on November the 4 is a cry for freedom. The freedom of being able to express the uniqueness of individuality. This type of energy implies a sort of rebellion, hard changes, feelings of misplace and some chaotic situations driven from … Continue reading Scorpio New Moon

Activation 5chakra male/female

Meditation to activate the throat chakra and heal communication between men and women This exercise is personal and done individually but works both for female and male traumatic energies. The goal is freeing speach by healing the throat chakra and as the throat chakra is the fifth one, this relates also with fifth dimensional energies. … Continue reading Activation 5chakra male/female

Healing sacral chakra

Energy Healing Sacral Chakra Is your sacral chakra aligned? Our second chakra is called sacral chakra (the Orange one), which is located in the abdomen right below the navel. It is connectd to our emotional body. It is also associated with sexuality and guilt. Healing this chakra can take us to several, diferente phases of … Continue reading Healing sacral chakra

Meditation for self resurrection

Meditating on source/Christ energy within our hearts so we acknowledge and free to be one with that sacred flame. We are the I AM in it's most pure, divine form. We are our own resurrection and the constant recreation of self which brings us closer and closer to our divine purpose through this daily path … Continue reading Meditation for self resurrection

Autumn Equinox ~Looking forward!

Autumn Equinox ~Looking forward! Today is the Fall Equinox which opens the gateway of your heart for the upcoming creations of your reality. Today is filed with strong, blessed energies that provide you with the whole set of energetic divine vibrations to make you enter on this new season full of prosperity and joy. The … Continue reading Autumn Equinox ~Looking forward!

9.9 Portal

9.9 Portal 9.9 portal of earth consciousness to empower your mission September,9 2016 is represented by the divine number 9.9! This day is itself a message to all light workers, to all loving beings stationed on Earth at this phase. A calling to our mission! This number remind us about the laws this universe is … Continue reading 9.9 Portal

When you feel you are not protected… trust your higher self

When you feel you are not protected... trust your higher self We trust so much on our guides, angels, masters... and yet... sometimes we wonder why have they failed to protect you at some moments. If you ask for protection it should be given to you! that is what we think! well... Our life experiences … Continue reading When you feel you are not protected… trust your higher self


3.03. - 17.03.2017 PLANETARY RESET OF HUMANITY. 1-st Cosmic Light Wave of 4 in this YEAR. Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for proving  us this material. This Cosmic New Energy of Light Wave is coming from the Center of Galaxy. New Light Energy is here to Change, Reset our Magnetic Crystalline Grid, to delete old fractals … Continue reading PLANETARY RESET OF HUMANITY


PLANETARY MEDITATION ~ ARCHANGEL MICHAEL by Sergey Kanashevskiy Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing us this material. NEW HEART OF TIME Morning at your house ... Barely awake, do not open your eyes, do not get up from the bed! Let your physical body remains at rest. Invisible musician next to you. Playing magic melody … Continue reading PLANETARY MEDITATION ~ ARCHANGEL MICHAEL

The divine water meditation for March

The divine water meditation for March March is ruled by water energy. Next month is under Pisces energy and nothing better than water to balance the eclipses, the huge energies we received last month and also the fire influences at 20 of March when the Sun goes into Aries and Aries New Moon on March 27. … Continue reading The divine water meditation for March

Activation of the Inner Christ Flame

Activation of the Inner Christ Flame This was a meditation created two years ago when i used to make events for global meditations. This is either a sole or group meditation and works really well. OUR OWN CHRIST ENERGY IS WITHIN OUR HEARTS. THIS ENERGY EXERCISE HELPS TO ACKNOWLEDGE, FREEING AND TO BE ONE WITH … Continue reading Activation of the Inner Christ Flame

The super Full Moon on Taurus!

The super Full Moon on Taurus! This Super Full Moon has a tremendous power: connect to it and activate yourself with positive, aware, super light, becoming more awakened within so you see the future in front of you and know how to persevere on your dreams and goals. It comes with ease and calming energies … Continue reading The super Full Moon on Taurus!

14th of November Full Moon in Taurus

14th of November Full Moon in Taurus ESTRELLA DEL ALMA or INTEGRITY of the WHOLENESS MEDITATION in co-creation with KRYON by Sandris Sneibe Greetings dear ones! I AM Kryon from Magnetic service. When my partner steps aside... Very often I have been repeat this phrase trough my partners and in this situation as well I … Continue reading 14th of November Full Moon in Taurus