2020 We have just started!

All the events we have been seeing are just the preparation Focus on the big picture As energy changes occur in the planet everything  shifts. Sometimes we have the feeling chaos is all it will get but that is part of change and its inevitable. its important to be able to stabilize naturally in our … Continue reading 2020 We have just started!

Autumn equinox- going further

Connect with the energy of progression! Fall Equinox opens the gateway of your heart for the upcoming creations of your reality. Its filed with strong, blessed energies that provide you with the whole set of energetic divine vibrations to make you enter on this new season full of prosperity and joy.The secret lies inside your … Continue reading Autumn equinox- going further

The 2020 Lightworker

I usually say affirmations do not work unless you are able to vibrate at the same frequency. However, as a methaphisician i also use affirmations to reprogram cellular patterns. At these times i have been seeing to much depression, anxiety, doubts, fear of the future, of the unknown. I tell you now to use affirmations … Continue reading The 2020 Lightworker

The new human

Delete old patterns Create a new human Pic credit: Pc game We want to take this planet further to a new reality! A reality where love, peace, happiness and freedom exist. But we are all conditioned not only the ones we observe. Looking at ourselves constantly is necessary to make sure our backgroung is not … Continue reading The new human

Solstice is the sun talking to you

Today is a collective celebration of the inner sun. We must share, blend with each other and the world will be a gigantic sun, vortex. Do not give to yourself and others the negative energy they want you to feel. Take a break from everything you see in the world and give yourself the chance … Continue reading Solstice is the sun talking to you

Fear, hope or will?

There's only one thing stronger than fear: hope. So far I accepted very well the importance of hope. Gives humanity strength and energy to keep going. However I'm starting to change. Hope? Why hope? Why should humanity keep living ages of hope? That's a very good thing for the brain and the heart to make … Continue reading Fear, hope or will?

Are you just breathing?

Are you Just breathing and calling it a life? Or are you living but having trouble breathing? Tell me, are you dismissing breathing so you can "live"? Or you don't even noticed you need to breath? You didn't even noticed you CAN breath? Or you never noticed you OUGHT to live? Listen I could go … Continue reading Are you just breathing?

It has begun

Yes, it started. Shall we continue? its up to all of us. Let's do things right, all things! https://www.facebook.com/MARIALYRALIGHT/ https://www.facebook.com/maria.antunes.505523 https://mariajoseabelhoantunes.com/ AUTHOR: MARIA JOSÉ ABELHO ANTUNES . IF YOU WANT HEALING AND GUIDANCE SESSIONS OR TO BECOME MY SPIRITUAL STUDENT CONTACT ME AT: mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I know you think you don`t love yourself…

I know you think you don`t love yourself... Some of us always think we love ourselves enough, and we don`t... But some think they do not love themselves at all... For the ones that think they do not love themselves... that is not true. If it was, you wouldn`t be able to live a whole … Continue reading I know you think you don`t love yourself…

New Moon in Taurus ~ Happy energies!

Confidence, honesty and joyful blessings on this New Moon At each New Moon a new beginning enters our Lunar cycle. Physically the Moon is in the middle of the Sun and the Earth; The 3 are positioned as a line drawing. This line represents the road in front of you, which you do not see … Continue reading New Moon in Taurus ~ Happy energies!


Affirmations You are sovereign, whatever you do has a great impact on yourself; maybe greater than you can imagine. When you do affirmations and meditations, be sure to really be the thing for that is the secret for success! Words, colors, all visualizations are indeed very powerful and effective! AFFIRMATION OF THE 7 CHAKRAS: This … Continue reading Affirmations

Align with gratefulness is becoming truthful

Align with gratefulness is becoming truthful The rise of energies bring some moments of tiredness, heavy symptoms, anxiety and... often doubts and disappointment. This is normal, not only because we are faced with our inner self pushing us to work with things that aren`t easy, such as fears, lack of confidence and trust, laziness, comfortable … Continue reading Align with gratefulness is becoming truthful


RAYS (ROYS) OF LOVE: UNITING WITH THE SPIRITUAL HOMELAND ABOUT THE NEW ASTRAL MATTER Archangel Gabriel Through Sergey Kanashevsky Thanks to Sandris Sneibe to provide us this material Hello, children of the Earth! Hello, children of the Creator! Love and joy are in your hearts. Peace to your World. I AM Archangel Gabriel. I brought … Continue reading RAYS OF LOVE ~ ARCHANGEL GABRIEL

The density of light on earth is increasing

The density of light on earth is increasing The Universe is conspiring for change and growth, just flow with it, BE IT Lately we have been experiencing several blasts of energy. They all come from celestial corps. Astrologically and other factors collaborate to this phase. Autumn and Winter always give us the signs of what … Continue reading The density of light on earth is increasing


MEDITATION "THE BIRTH OF THE ETHEREAL BODY" TRANSFORMATION OF CASUAL OR KARMIC BODY Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing us this material Greetings, my beloved ones! I AM Saint Germain. Before you begin meditation, I will say a few words about the phenomenon that people call negative energy. For you is not secret that embodied … Continue reading MEDITATION “THE BIRTH OF THE ETHEREAL BODY”


3.03. - 17.03.2017 PLANETARY RESET OF HUMANITY. 1-st Cosmic Light Wave of 4 in this YEAR. Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for proving  us this material. This Cosmic New Energy of Light Wave is coming from the Center of Galaxy. New Light Energy is here to Change, Reset our Magnetic Crystalline Grid, to delete old fractals … Continue reading PLANETARY RESET OF HUMANITY


FIVE YEARS AFTER END OF THE EXPERIMENT Note: 2 messages: 2012 & 2017 Thanks to Sandris Sneibe to providing us this material. February 21, 2012 GALACTIC CHRIST MELCHIZEDEK announce the Completion of Experiment called Duality. Below we publish the text of the message. GALACTIC CHRIST MELCHIZEDEK FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH. ABOUT COMPLETION OF … Continue reading FIVE YEARS AFTER END OF THE EXPERIMENT (2012-2017) ~ GALACTIC CHRIST MELCHIZEDEK