Earth day

Photo by Valentin Antonucci on there isn`t a place more beautiful than this planet. This is the heaven we have been dreaming about Earth day is to be worked hard, not just celebrated Earth Day is every day. More than ever, our mother earth needs us. Because we are the ones who made Her … Continue reading Earth day

The Matrix in Sanskrit

The Matrix according to ancient Sanskrit texts Matrix and Oneness We talk more and more about the MATRIX we all live in. Most of us think it is a new word related to the new-age teachings of spirituality. However this is an ancient word with a great meaning and it relates to the creation of … Continue reading The Matrix in Sanskrit

Inner new earth

The new earth is a spiritual work Consciousness starts within #spiritual awakening "To transform the world, we must begin with ourselves; and what is important in beginning with ourselves is the intention. The intention must be to understand ourselves and not to leave it to others to transform themselves or to bring about a modified … Continue reading Inner new earth