Sacred Geometry: The SEED of Life

WITHIN THE EGG OF LIFE, THE FLOWER OF LIFE AND THE FRUIT OF LIFE, THERE IS THE SEED The Seed Of Life is found on the Sacred pattern of the Flower of Life. The Seed of Life is where the codes to Sacred Consciousness live. The symbol of the Seed of Life is made by … Continue reading Sacred Geometry: The SEED of Life

something to think about #10

Without knowing, all the people i been helping, are healed mainly through change of thought and believe system. Therapies are instruments which bring, most of all, clarity, focus and faith. "We are human.We are not perfect.We are alive.We try things.We make mistakes.We stumble.We fall.We get hurt.We rise again.We try again.We keep learning.We keep growing.And we … Continue reading something to think about #10