Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

Capricorn Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse July 2019


We are at a very intense energetic phase but i guess you already know it! On the 16 of July we will have a full moon total lunar eclipse.

First lets understand what a lunar eclipse is as an energetic event! It forces things that no longer serves you to be purged away. It`s a letting go of burdens from your own subconscious self working close with all your emotions,mental predispositions and molecular prints. Whatever wishes we formed on the last solar eclipse they are been tested, pressured and stressed so you can find space, energy, motivation and capability to bring to reality those wishes, plans and projects. thiis means… whatever dificulties you have been facing, they are a reflection of to much trash in your self and your life; those things must come to the surface once and for all so you face them, accept them and decide to through them out of your life. finding room to the new means literally that! Release the old!

This dynamic isn`t easy and at this full moon on Capricorn, it can surely make us feel depressed or unworthy as we are used to remain inside our confortable cocoon.

It will surely bring out the need to blame situations and people outside of ourselves. And… if we stay there, on that mode, we won`t purge out all the energy this eclipse/full moon is asking from us. Understand that only what needs to be released, will try to go away from yourself!

Why will this happen? because this event is giving you also the energy of what must be coming to life! This is a pouring to transform your life. Even if you do not see it this event is opening you to your new path. Change, allow change!

when does it start? at least three days before and it goes on for about three months.

You probably need time to yourself. So, do that! its ok! Maybe isn`t time to act, to react, to work towards something and thats ok! However for those who are feeling already new things, new ideas, it means thay probably are releasing the old.i give an example:

A friend of mine told me yesterday she is feeling a strong need to do new things so she was thinking about going to study again and came with a course i actually wasn`t very happy about; but… its her life so i told her to think for a few days as this full moon/lunar eclipse wasn`t the best to act but better to stay cool and meditate about what feelings were trying to call our attention so we could cleanse and heal.today she came to me and said: i decided to stop a bit, asked for guidance and today i noticed this new ideas are driving me away from my last decision, which is painting; i decided i want to go back painting as i feel that urge and this new things are just monkey mind taking me away of what i love just for the sake of fiting some where. so… im doing what i have to do in order to organize life, space and time and finally do what i want with no distractions of any sort.

If an idea stays and you feel really good about it, go for it, but give yourself time to gigest the idea seeing if theres issues willing to come out of you; and if so, deal with that first.

My advise to you is whatever you feel do not find anything outside to blame, deal internally, look close and find wich part is calling your attention to healing and purging.

Find time to relax and stress release. Buy some adult anti-stress painting books, play cards, start a pleasant book, go for something relaxing you want to do for some time; clean some closets and old papers.

Remember that you do not need any approval from others and give value to yourself.


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