Aries Full Moon, October 2021

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You do not need to be in control of everything

The Full Moon is always a compass to understand what`s not well with our relationships, whats not well within ourselves; it`s very important to understand where is the problem: if it`s about us, or others. Because blaming outside beings is not a solution, we must own our responsibilities so we can heal and move further with our lives.

This aries Full Moon is very interesting due to the several astrological aspects. Overall, the main aspect is command! the need to be in command of what we are creating. So, what we must work at this phase, which will last for two weeks, is: how to manage our desire for controlling situations that we consider are ours, that we consider we are the ones creating it and therefore we must keep track, control of it. this energy can also be observed in the situations which are not yet manifested, meaning, this control is already being shown on our desires, passions and future plans.

This kind of energy can affect everyone`s life showing aggressiveness, jealousy and several negative behaviors. So, if you feel you are having this need for control, you have a good opportunity to deal with it at this full moon; But if you, on the other hand, notice this characteristic on anyone else, try to be concise, transparent, showing to them what is happening or, in some cases, maybe you must be silent and acting carefully.

There is good news! Although it`s challenging, it`s also a great Full Moon as it has a great energy of transformation, firmness, resolve and success! So, we have all the tools during this Full Moon to change ourselves into better humans and also to understand the world around us and be able to establish positively our actions, decisions, and feelings.

Meditate/think/ponder about all this and dialogue with yourself about your way of dealing with your decisions and desires and also be more aware of what others are going through. Being patient, understanding and compassionate is what we can be to help others on their journey. We are all on this together, helping each other the best we can.


When you accept this moment as it is, you can feel a sense of spaciousness within you that is deeply peaceful.

Eckhart Tolle

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