We ask you to heal and clear your emotional self, not only because you need to be emotional healthy in order to be happy, but also because it is a requirement to shift into higher vibrations.

As you are able to heal the old traumas of your emotional body, you start vibrating higher emotionally. What does this mean? you are able to feel new different emotions, joy, happiness, love, compassion, freedom…

All these feelings are totally new! Do not be mistaken, they are not the same kind of feelings you have experienced so far! They are higher emotions, with another frequency within, because they are pure and clean, so… if you answer me saying you have already felt them, think again… even calling them the same – love, compassion, etc… they are not the same. You used to feel those things in a 3D perspective and now, as you are rising into higher dimensions, you will notice that your emotions have raised as well.

And those new emotions are the secret to unlock your light-body. Your DNA is being affected by those high frequencies and from the two strand DNA you are plugging back your original, ancient 12-strand DNA onto your chakras.

All your body is being rearranged due to your new vibration. You have stored inside your body the old divine codes that you are made of, and now as new frequencies run in yourself, your body is remembering, recoding, plugging them and re-building the new you.

That stored information, which is in you for ages, is even in your skeletal system. And all that DATA is being brought to the surface, step by step, layer by layer. That data must come to all cells of your body, re-arrange everything. So… imagine: your skin, organs and muscles have made all this time a compact protection for your skeleton and at the same time they kept all that information in your bones from rising!

Now… with all the light your body is been “eating”, that data cannot be hidden because it is being awakened and it is struggling to come to the surface. No wonder you feel so many symptoms in this ascension process!

Your BLUE PRINT is rising and changing all parts. You are feeling a lot of changes, some you do not understand because they do not make you feel good, but it is all part of the DNA changes. From the TWO-STRAND we are building the FIVE-STRAND, SIX-STRAND, AND SO ON… imagine what we have accomplished so far! It is amazing! And you did it!

This a LIGHT GAME and the trick is vibrating high emotionally. Keep healing yourself and pay attention to all you feel. A constant growth is happening in you, deep, whole being, so your emotional body feels it all and needs to keep ascending.

Your emotions reflect what and who you are at each moment. Be the best version of yourself always! Love, yourself, do not judge yourself – accept all you feel in order to transmute, forgive, clean, clear, rise, shift… if you judge you are controlling it, but if you accept all you feel you are shifting into your own freedom. Only by acceptance you can heal, and therefore you can ascend, which is the same as saying – ALIGNING WITH YOUR DIVINE SELF AND PURPOSE.

In the path of building our light-body our original DNA is being plugged in. Our whole body including our chakras, our higher self, are involved in this magical procedure that requires light, and more light! being constantly open to receive light, being aware of the fabulous work your being is doing daily, is the basic emotional and mental state to do allow this work within.

Then… all the work we can do to improve and help the body on this task is sure very welcoming.

From the food we eat, to the contemplation of nature, the connections we chose, what we do on our free time, on or jobs… all is important. Even a few minutes of relaxation, laughter, meditation, can help immensely our DNA re-coding!

Excerpt from: “BE THE RAINBOW” https://mariajoseabelho.wordpress.com/books/




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