Earth ascension started

The future is ahead! It’s always ahead, I know, but the future we want starts from this moment on. The real leap is here. Some events propel societies to change and this year we just got there! I’m not saying future is going to be bad or good, not saying we are going to beat the cabal once and for all, not saying we are going to be more controlled.
Just saying the change is here! What we do with this energy already materialized in reality, it’s another story!
We have been preparing ourselves for this moment. However this moment isn’t just a moment. It stretches throughout time allowing all parts to act accordingly to each plan.So, what are we going to do? For the ones who are afraid, depressed, suffering (because I know a lot of you are feeling that way) remember your power, remember you are a pillar of light contributing to this change, connect with yourself deeply! Connect with the light, ask for help from above, from your ancestors, from your light tribe. It is time! The more we connect the more they can help us. We are one, believe in unity. There is a lot to do yet, this is going to last so be in trust, confident and loving.

Behind the scenes a lot of people is working. We do not want to let this chance fade. We want to unite, be strong and commit more than the ones we have been fighting for so long. They don’t give up, they are stubborn and persevere. Let’s do this, we can do this. We got here for a reason. We are still here.
Pay attention to criticism. At this time we must be aware of what really matters, how, who and why we send critics. Energy is of great value. Many times must not answer, not giving any energy so we focus on what is really important. Same goes to what info our mind and heart gives meaning to. One must not contribute to others fears. Instead we want to wake them up with a strong, safe mind, clean hearted energy. No more hate wars, no more giving what the controllers want from us: division.
Be well, be a hero. You are a hero you just have been convinced of the opposite. What ever you are and dbelieve you are important because you ARE and being is always a big thing, if it wasn’t they would never take so much effort to put us down.

Picture credit: Nasa



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