Fear, hope or will?

There’s only one thing stronger than fear: hope. So far I accepted very well the importance of hope. Gives humanity strength and energy to keep going.
However I’m starting to change. Hope? Why hope? Why should humanity keep living ages of hope? That’s a very good thing for the brain and the heart to make us keep enduring misery.
That’s other thing we are very good at: WILL. I think hope is what we got used to, so we just hang on to it’s energy.
Nothing personal against hope. I’m just moving with this new 2020 energy. Its time to do things, be things, conquer things, feel things. Why try? Why not to just do, be?
To have hope means we are not what we want to be, have you ever stop to think about this? It’s just a program we have auto inflicted upon ourselves.
When we look back on our lives how many things did we stopped ourselves from doing just because we trusted our feelings of hope?
I don’t want to hope for a better world or a healthy planet. I want it to be a reality!
Changing our mindsets is the beginning of the true awareness, because we are watching our own traditional faults and working from within to move forward and really make the difference.
We are together. One big mind, a bigger heart!

Maria José Abelho Antunes
Regression therapist & metaphysics healer

Contact me at mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach or issues/ problems in your life

Pic: dreamstime.com

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