Shifting is forever

What really means shifting for a conscious human?

This constant energetic shifts bring doubts to a lot of beings. the usual questions are:~ Does the shifting never ends?~ When does the shifting process stops?~ Why do these blasts of energy keep coming, whats the purpose? why do we have to go through this? are they always the same kind of shift?

Shifting does not, i repeat, shifting does not end!Shifting cannot be done fast!shifting is not something that is given to you. Shifting is chosen by you you, therefore you go through phases as you can!

Everything is done inside, and as you do a bit of work, you get ready for another bit. Commonly we are deviated from the right course, which ultimately will make us grow more due to the growth that adversities can give us constantly. We deviate ourselves from the right course because sometimes we do not want to see truths.

We are complex, we are made of a lot of parts, we are knowing ourselves, learning to love ourselves, healing ourselves, etc. This isn`t easy, its in fact very complicated. Beautiful though… To cope with suffering, pain, trauma, fear, disappointment, we often color reality, we color experiences so we do not experiment more harsh situations, but the truth is, life will bring more of what we need to make sure we learn how to love and respect ourselves more, love and respect others more as well.

So… we think often we have done enough work, that we know what is needed to know, we love ourselves and others enough… suddenly… we will see things are not that clear and we do not, yet love enough. we will understand that there is still a lot of work to do, more to learn about the self, which ultimately is knowing all that is. And this goes on an on…

Each part of you has its opposite, and that is ok. Learning how to bring balance is the key. Accepting, nurturing, dialogue with everything in you, even what you do not like is the secret to make peace inside, to grow, to expand!

Seams a bit contradictory but as more as you hide, reject parts of you that you do not love, the more they will persecute you. You have no control of all your different parts because you did not look at them, ever! The more you look inside, get rid of fear about what might be there, the more you love everything in you, the more you balance everything, the more loving you get.

That process is done slowly, all your life. As long as you do not get worried, addicted to it, it will unveil the best of you, it will give you freedom, it will make you happy, complete and fulfilled.Just relax and look to you each time you do not feel good.

Everything is a relationship, so talk to you as you would with a friend that needs your support, guidance and love. You help every one but you do not help yourself the right way.

Vibrating high and forcing yourself to feel happy, when you are asked by a part of yourself to go intimate and solve an issue, isnt right! go inside, talk to yourself, solve the problem and then, yes! go and be happy!

That is shifting! And each time big energy waves come closer, you will feel the opportunity inside to get to know you better. Be open to yourself, be willing to love you more. Your life will reflect that work.

Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone. Share your thought, your opinions. Write in the comments or in the contact form below.

Maria José Abelho Regression therapist & metaphysics healer. Contact me at: for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach

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