What is family constellation therapy?

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Let’s divide and analyze both words to better understand what this is about because you can get a very different idea of what it’s really about.

Constellation, refers to a group. Just as the stars gather and sometimes we can observe in the sky a group/cluster of stars at great distance.

The best example is still our solar system because as we perceive it is cohesive, it does not usually appear another planet walking just because it wants to, right? there is an order, an energetic and gravitational connection. It’s a very particular group.

Family: So it is with people: we group! This relationship requires an energetic link between you and another person or people.

Whether it’s in our family, as in various groups of friends, neighbors and even work groups. As long as we have a relationship with a person, that’s already a group, with regard to this therapy.

How do you process a familiar constellation session? In addition to the patient, dolls, objects or people that will represent the other people in the group to be treated are used..

I explain: The therapist brings to the place the energetic field of the group to be treated, understanding by group the people with whom the patient has something to treat, to solve. The patient opens up, making known his emotional issues and frustrations, addressing objects, dolls or people who represent the elements of his group but who are not present.

In turn, the elements that are not present are “sensed” and someone speaks for them, whether it is the patient, the therapist or someone who is representing them.

This therapy always becomes an intense and emotional moment and many surprises arise. There is always an emotional catharsis on the part of the patient and a better understanding of everything that goes on with his group.

There are three possible outcomes with regard to the relationship expectations of the treated constellation: The results are immediate, results will be seen within one year or results will not be seen as the dynamics of the group does not change at will of some members.

However, whatever the outcome of the group, the patient gains immense clarity and an unconditional understanding of the problems and all members of their constellation.

It looks a little bit of child’s play, but I can assure you it’s spectacular! I was skeptical for a long time until I decided to even try the teachings received and the support was quite good, the results then exceeded all my expectations! I’ve always included at least one family constellation session in my session packages/groups, and I’ve never regretted that decision.

I am a holistic spiritual therapist and use this therapy as one of my work tools. Contact me at: loveholistic.spiritualtherapies@gmail.com or:

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